Dear Householder
The Parish Plan has now been completed and is available for download below.

Summary of Responses
Dear Householder
You may recall that about a year ago many of you kindly answered a questionnaire for the Hatton Parish Plan. We have now analysed all the responses and this letter summarises the main findings.  If you would like further information, a detailed report is available for download below in both MS Word and pdf formats.
Although some of the findings may seem obvious, our Plan needs to be based on evidence rather than conjecture. The responses you provided have therefore been very valuable and are now being used, along with other information about the Parish, to produce a Draft Plan. We intend to distribute a copy of the Draft Plan to every household, hopefully in late spring, and will be seeking your views on what is proposed.

Summary of the questionnaire findings
From the 845 questionnaires delivered, 258 responses were received (a 31% response rate). While 76% of those living in Hatton Green replied, only 25% from Hatton Park and 46% of those elsewhere in the parish completed the questionnaire. 
Community facilities
The questionnaire asked about the use of six local facilities.  It found that respondents’ use of Hatton and Hatton Park village halls and the Hatton Park shop is widespread, but infrequent.  A much smaller proportion of respondents use The Ferncumbe School and the Hatton Park playground, but do so more frequently.  The Hatton Park sports area is used infrequently and by an even smaller proportion of respondents.
Looking at four potential developments in Hatton Park, approximately two thirds of respondents would support a doctors’ surgery.  Support for goalposts on the playing field and for allotments was twice the level of opposition.  More respondents oppose the idea of a skateboard ramp than support it.
There were a lot of suggestions for new activities in the parish, with community/ social activities and fitness classes being most often suggested.  However, some of the suggestions made were for activities which are currently available, highlighting the need for more information and awareness.  
Most respondents value the local environment very highly and are very satisfied with it.  The most valued features, and those considered to be the best, are footpaths, mature trees and hedges, and the 
canal towpath and locks.  Although the questionnaire did not ask about use of the environmental features, the relative lack of importance attached to bridleways and cycle paths probably reflects that fewer people use them.  The main environmental problems identified were dog fouling (mostly in Hatton Park) and litter (mostly in Hatton Green).  
The parish relies heavily on the car for the majority of journeys to work, school and shops.  However, a significant number of people use the train for work, and approximately a third travel to school by bus.  Most households do not use the bus and do not feel that improvements to the service would alter this. However, those who do use the bus are satisfied with the service provided.
Traffic volumes on the A4177 are considered a problem by more than half of those who responded, although the majority are satisfied with the current speed limits.  Similarly, whilst speeding on Hatton Park is seen as an issue, there is more support for better enforcement of existing speed limits and parking restrictions than for lower speed limits and additional traffic calming.

Nearly a third of respondents thought that they or a member of their household would want to move in the next five years.  While many of these would like to stay in the parish, about half anticipate leaving due to a lack of affordable or suitable housing.  There is a strong feeling that there should be no more housing in the parish, although those in favour of more housing hope to see more starter homes.  There is also a strong desire to protect the greenbelt from additional development, although some respondents felt that the boundaries could be reviewed.  Very few respondents identified where to build any new housing, although those who did preferred locations next to Hatton Park or Hatton Green.

Responses indicated little support for new commercial development.  Just over a third would like to see new shops, but the majority of people do not want further development in the other four categories of commercial enterprise set out in the questionnaire.  Most respondents feel that any new commercial development should be in the countryside rather than in the two main residential areas.
One in four of those who responded said that they had experienced crime in the parish in the last two years, with higher levels reported in Hatton Green than Hatton Park.  The most common crimes identified were nuisance or drunkenness, burglary, and theft from a vehicle, and there is a high fear of the latter two crimes amongst those who answered the questions.  Effective Neighbourhood Watch schemes and more visible policing are the two improvements that most respondents would like to see.

Approximately a third of respondents are satisfied with the three local councils, although poor communication was a frequent criticism.  Most of the people who had contacted their local councils had no strong feelings or were satisfied with the response.  Responses were evenly divided about whether there should be a separate parish council for Hatton Park, with one third agreeing, one third not sure, and one third disagreeing.
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