What's On

Warwick Rural West Community Forum - 28 June 2012

The Local Plan Preferred
Options Consultation runs
from 1st June 2012 to
27th July 2012

Come and have your say on
the proposals at the Forum

Hatton Parish Plan

The draft Parish Plan is available for download here.

You may recall that about a year ago many residents kindly answered a questionnaire for the Hatton Parish Plan. We have now analysed all the responses and summarised the main findings.  If you would like further information, the summary can be found and a detailed report is available for download here.

Although some of the findings may seem obvious, our Plan needs to be based on evidence rather than conjecture. The responses provided have therefore been very valuable and are now being used, along with other information about the Parish, to produce a Draft Plan. We intend to distribute a copy of the Draft Plan to every household, hopefully in late spring, and will be seeking your views on what is proposed.

Hatton Parish Council Meeting

All members of the public
are welcome and
to raise any issues
of concern at
Hatton Village Hall
on 23 July 2012
at 8.00 pm


Open Forum for members of the public
  1. Minutes of last meeting, matters arising
  2. Councillors’ declaration
  3. Finance
  4. Planning issues
  5. Hatton Park
  6. Correspondence
  7. Parish website
  8. Register of interests
  9. Items to discuss and date of next meeting

Contact:  the clerk at askruda@btopenworld.com or call 01926 484 612.