Illegal Encampment

Dear Resident

Unfortunately, there is an urgent need to protect the green land of Hatton Park from illegal encampment. The land is owned by Warwick District Council (WDC). WDC has put aside a large sum of money for this project, hopefully, to be completed before Christmas.

Talks have taken place between WDC, Hatton Parish Council and Hatton Park Residents’ Association as to the best form of protection and all forms have been considered bearing in mind the allocated budget and the large area of land. (It needs to be bourne in mind, however, no form of barrier is 100% effective if you have suitable equipment.)

Below you will see the protection to be provided and the areas to be included:

Bollards for the boundary along Barcheston and Mollington between 150mm (6”) to 200mm (8”) square and height out of the ground of approximately 600mm with a low-level vehicle gate about the same height as the bollards (painted black or green) with secure locking mechanism for maintenance access. The knee rails will be replaced around the top of Tredington and around the burial ground. Examples below: